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About Vermont Salvage Exchange
"In the sense that all they sell   is architectural salvage, Vermont Salvage is probably the purest   business I visited. No knick-knacks, no flea-market items -- just stuff   taken from old homes and buildings." -- Yankee Magazine

Vermont  Salvage is owned and operated by Jesse LaBombard.

Jesse and his crew manage  a variety of salvage operations ranging from single family homes to  schools, hospitals, churches and military bases.  This diversity of  salvage jobs brings an ever changing and unique inventory to the  store.

Jesse is an expert in his  field, known for his fairness and honesty in all dealings.  While  many salvage businesses come and go, Vermont Salvage has thrived  since the mid 1980’s when Jesse first acquired the business.

Jesse remains fully  engaged in the daily business operations of Vermont Salvage.

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